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Globex Experss Couriers Ltd.
a dynamic courier, freight, and logistics company with the
flexibility to cater for its customers’ ever-changing needs.


Why Travel light when you can take the lot?

With Globex’s excess baggage services you won't have to travel light ever again. Whether you're simply transporting a few pieces of additional luggage, or needing to move larger volumes by air, we can take it for you - and you'll pay up to 70% less than you would if you sent it excess baggage. We can send your excess baggage as unaccompanied baggage to over 400 destinations worldwide.

Globex Excess Baggage and Luggage Service offer you:
  • Pick-up from your door, delivery to airport or to door, at final destination
  • Excess Baggage or excess luggage may be sent prior to/or after your departure
  • No ticket required
  • Packing cartons available, or use your own bags, boxes or suitcases
  • Shrink wrapping of shipments for extra security

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